How To Become A Watersports Instructor

The watersports industry has a huge demand for watersports instructors and rewarding long-term career paths. There are plenty of watersports instructor jobs throughout the UK. This is how you can become a watersports instructor.

For you to have a promising career in watersports, you must be willing to learn new things, have good verbal communication skills and work well with others. You must have a passion for watersports and nature and work well in a team.

If you desire to get maximum employability as an instructor in the watersports industry, you should be able to train as an instructor in at least three watersports disciplines. This is because employers need their instructors to be able to teach a variety of popular watersports activities.

You must have industry-recognised qualifications in kayaking, dinghy sailing and windsurfing at the least. These are considered the core watersports instructor qualifications to have in your portfolio. The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and the British Canoe Union (BCU) are the main providers of these qualifications.

You can enrol in a watersports instructor training programme to enhance your watersports instructor skills. You can also go further to participate in extra developing advanced coaching and instructional techniques.

Another route that you can take to become an instructor in the watersports industry is to complete an internship with a reputable coastal adventure centre. You can get the opportunity to receive personal mentoring and industry guidance throughout your work with experienced senior instructors in the industry.

As you work and learn, you may begin to expand your portfolio by becoming an instructor in other watersports activities like kitesurfing, jet skis, paddle boarding and more. There are many opportunities within the watersports industry for well-qualified and experienced watersports instructor to further their careers.

The UK has numerous coastal adventure centres on the coast and inland on rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Private companies, individuals and sometimes local education authorities run many of these centres and offer year-round employment and instructor’s pay to experienced and well-qualified watersports instructors.

If your dream is to become a watersports instructor, take advantage of the information offered here and take steps to make your dream a reality. You can contact us for more information.