Types Of Watersports Activities

Watersports are exciting,fun-filled and sometimes adrenaline-rushing. You will love the thrills and excitement that come with it. You can engage in watersports for leisure or competition. Here are the different types of watersports.


Surfing involves breaking waves to shore while standing on a surfboard. The essence of the activity is to maintain your balance while riding the waves. Surfers live for the waves, whether they are from the ocean, river or man-made.

Water skiing

This waterspout entails skiing on water. A water skier skims or glides along the surface of the water while being pulled with a ski cable or rope attached to a high-speed powerboat.


This involves kneeling or lying on a paddleboard in the ocean while being propelled using a paddle by a swimming motion. This sport is called stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Like surfing, you have to first balance yourself while on the paddleboard, then move in the water by using the paddle.

Cliff diving

Cliff diving is a watersport in which you just need to dive off a high cliff and into the calm waters below. The height of the cliff differs, but from any height, you must make sure that the area you are diving into is safe.


Rafting is an extreme sport that requires a team of about 4 to 12 people to ride an inflatable raft that must be manoeuvred over rough or dangerous waters in a rushing river. It is always advisable to have a trained guide with the crew when rafting. Rafting is a favourite of most vacationers that love adventures and thrills.


Kayaking is a popular water sport that involves moving across rapid water with a kayak. A  kayak is a small, narrow watercraft propelled by a double-bladed paddle. It is done in whitewater rivers, lakes and seas. For thrill-seekers kayaking through the rapids is an exciting sport.


Powerboating involves riding in racing boats at adrenaline-rushing high speeds. These boats are designed to have a high power-to-weight ratio with a hull that allows for higher speed and improved handling.

There are numerous types of watersports activities that are exciting both for leisure and competition. These are just a few of them.